To see the lives of staff, missionaries, and locals transformed into the likeness of Christ as the Village of Hope strives with passion and unity to rescue the lost, raise up disciples, and restore hope to the hopeless.

To encourage and expand the ministry of the Village of Hope through relational, physical, and financial support.

The Village of Hope

Founded by Francisca & Mayarino Escobar, Village of Hope was born in 2002. It started with activities under a tree and on a blue tarp, “Panchita” as Francisca is commonly called, would bring children books and teach the kids how to read and write in Spanish. After five years of working like this and building a trust with the community, the Village of Hope started building their community center.

Now they have a large building where they host teams, retreats, a feeding program that runs six days a week, and various other ministries. Our main goal is to help communities in extreme poverty by focusing on the development of the Mixteco children through education, health, and hygiene. We believe that God has called us to show the Mixteco community about our God and His plan for their lives. We want to transform the community, eradicate hunger, and provide a proper shelter as a home for each family living in extreme poverty.

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Meeting our People

The Beginnings of Ministry

Village of Hope International


To encourage and expand the ministry of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the migrant farming community surrounding the Village of Hope; through relational, physical and financial support.


Having an organization with a broad financial base to help support both the existing ministry and also well prepared Mission Outreach teams which would come alongside the existing ministry of The Village of Hope for the purpose of transforming the lives of all involved into the likeness of Christ, raising up disciples and seeking the lost.

The Team

  • Mayarino & Panchita Escobar
    Mayarino & Panchita Escobar Founders of the Village of Hope

    Founders of the Village of Hope, they have been pastoring a church for over 42 years.

  • David & Laura Escobar
    David & Laura Escobar Director

    David is director of the Village of Hope.

    In the summer of 2017, passionated to Serve David left his full time job selling Kenworth trucks to come serve time in ministry with his family. He’s passionate about the work and improving the quality of life in the community. Laura works in the scholarship department. They have two kids Abigail, 8, and Matias, 4.


  • Daniel Priego.
    Daniel Priego. Ministry Director

    Daniel is a Graduated Psychologist with a heart to serve, he is also a very talented Photographer and videographer that serves God with his talents, He is in charge of the Computing Class and the youth program.

  • Carolina Balanzar
    Carolina Balanzar Public relations & Social Media

    Carolina is a Graduated Communication Sciences , She works in our organization taking control of the agenda, Social Media, linking with other organizations, supporting the local church administrative area, organizing events. Always ready to teach the children of the community and serve in Campo de Esperanza. for the moment we are living in the community  the sports area for children will return on further notice.



  • Reynaga Family
    Reynaga Family Co-Pastor / Village of Hope
    Reynaga Valenzuela family has joined the ministries of Campo de Esperanza, who today co-pastor, you have 3 beautiful daughters who two of them serve in the ministry, his wife Vera who accompanies her husband Bro. Ruben Ryernaga by the hand they serve together in your calling. In the afternoons they lead discipleship with the families of the church and community.
  • Concho Sánchez
    Concho Sánchez Community Pastor

    Community Pastor at the Village of Hope. with an Outstanding passion to preach the gospel our Community Pastor loves to go door by door preaching the Gospel, He is working on three other missions in the surrounding areas, where people have difficulty reaching the main church. He loves music, Sings and plays the guitar.

  • Vera Reynaga  V.
    Vera Reynaga V. Bible Classes Coordinator & children's ministry

    Vera is an 18 year old girl. She works in the children’s area and gives school counseling to children and adults who are in the process of learning to read, in addition to serving in the kitchen area, she is the one who coordinates the Bible classes among volunteers to teach in our feeding program.

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