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by David Escobar,

Campo de Esperanza It is a place that was born from the heart of God with the purpose of extending His kingdom and providing help mainly to the Mixteca community that lies south of Ensenada. Col. Oaxaca, Maneadero, Baja California.  General Pastors and founders: Mayarino Escobar & Francisca Galindo. Directors: David Escobar & Laura Baez. Missionary Pastors: Ezequiel Guzman & Rubi Cruz.

Christmas Celebration and New Uniforms Delivery to the team “Deportivo Esperanza”
On December 16, the celebration of Christmas took place, at Campo de Esperanza where more than 160 families came to this place to cheerfully celebrate the birth of Jesus. This event was held at 9:00 am with the special participation of the Presbyterian Church of San Clemente, California and a Christmas song for the children of the mixteco community
More than 450 people were welcomed to the celebration where 300 gifts were delivered. 160 pantries and 3 piñatas for the fun of the little ones.
It was possible to see how each of these families enjoyed a pleasant time, rich food, a pantry for their home and gifts for their children. This is how at the end of an event like this one can conclude that it is worth every effort and dedication to carry out an activity of such magnitude, since the smiles and the happiness of each one of the people does not compare with anything.
On the same day as a special part of the program, uniforms were officially awarded to the sports team “Esperanza” as well as to the men’s team, also as to the women’s team. It was a very emotional time since the children were very happy and satisfied to belong to the official soccer team of Campo Esperanza. This is how we can see the hard work of his coach Carolina Balanzar in company and support of the directors of this place. We know that good results are obtained from good teamwork, excellent communication and participation from both sides. We thank God for this.

Special Christmas Celebration at Emmanuel Mission: Also the Christmas celebration was held in the neighbourhood “paradise” where the Emmanuel mission is located. The children of this place participated with beautiful Christmas songs led by the sisters of this place, especially our sister Ramona who is a teacher of the children of this mission.
In the same way there was a valuable participation of our brothers of the Presbyterian Church of San Clemente. With joy was how each of the children received a gift celebrating Christmas. We thank each of the people who made this possible. Thanks to Nancy Alvarado and her team.

Christmas Dinner delivery to the needy from the Community
On December 22nd, 10 Christmas dinners were given to the most needy families who regularly attend the community dining room and the field church of hope. It was a very generous gesture of Leticia Fiol Contadora and her work team. In addition to a rich dinner, gifts are given together for the children of each family.
We thank God and the people who made this possible.

BIBLE SCHOOL BY THE TEAM OF BAJA MISSIONS On December 28, 29 and 30 we received the visit of the Baja Bound / Baja Missions group, who, in addition to building, organized the Bible school for the children in the soup kitchen. They filled the place with joy, with music, games and crafts. It was an amazing time for the field kids hope. During the days of the vacation school, the dining room continued to function, feeding each of the children and families who attended to spend a good time and learn more about the word of God. On Friday, December 22, the sisters prepared some delicious hamburgers for all those who attended the classes led by the brothers from California.


At the end of the year, 4 houses were built for the most needy families where, together with receiving a house, they also receive love, faith and hope. It is beautiful to see how people are filled with joy when receiving a safe home to protect their family and how they always carry in their hearts the gratitude to God and to each of the people who collaborate to make this a reality. We also thank for your invitation to participate to 5 young people of our church to live this experience. Thanks to Baja Bound / baja missions and your team, may God bless you always. We wish you the best always, thank you for having a heart that loves unconditionally the neighbor.
End of the Year Celebration Party!

The end of the year celebration was held in the field of hope, where more than 150 people attended to celebrate and enjoy a delicious dinner in the company of their loved ones. It was a great night of praise and worship by the praise group of the beautiful church of God, band 24/7 and the praise group of low missions. We had an incredible time in the presence of God. We thank our kitchen sisters who participated with beautiful commemorative song to date. We also thank our brother Wayne Sonoda for bringing us the word of God and teaching us that trusting God’s will is the best we can do.
To each of the people who make this possible. God bless you today and always.
The king will answer them, ‘I tell all of you with certainty, since you did it for one of the least important of these brothers of mine, you did it for me. Mathew 25:40

Thank you!

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