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Campo De Esperanza

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Village of Hope International serves to encourage and expand the ministry of the Village of Hope through relational, physical, and financial support. We long to see the lives of staff, missionaries, and locals transformed into the likeness of Christ as the Village of Hope strives with passion and unity to rescue the lost, raise up disciples, and restore hope to the hopeless.

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  • I am in love with this place. I love to see how the young people are serving with a passion for what they do for the village. GOD is at work at the Village of Hope.

    Veronica Arroyo
  • What an amazing place and group of people! So genuine and loving. I can't wait to visit again and build another home. God bless you all.

    JP Telles
  • A great organization that is willing to help those in need by giving them food, water, clothes, and gifts for the kids. They are a blessing to many families that, thank the Lord, now have their home.

    Juan Jose Garcia
  • For my Campo de Esperanza it is like an inspiration to move forward since for almost once years that I have known it, it was one of the first places that helped me so much with my studies, either with material things or with such positive and inspiring words. That is why I think it is one of the most important places for me since I learned to value how little I have and how much I have to achieve in life. I also think that it is a very important place for the community here since the people who may need help Campo Esperanza is there for them, whether it be for food, a house, classes for the children and among many other things. For me personally, Campo Esperanza is a wonderful place and the people who serve in it are such excellent people with huge hearts, and I am not saying this to say the least because I have known Campo Esperanza for almost once years and I am so lucky. of having met him

    Juana Moreloz Quiroz young girl from the community- Col. Oaxaca, Ensenada,B.,C. Mexico
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